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This is how we roll! - Sushi at Home class

Updated: May 25, 2021

It was a sunny but windy day.

Just like the weather of the Sushi roll we were gonna make...

Yup you guessed it... California Roll!

Accidentally, because of all the cancellation the class became a ❤️ Couples Class ❤️


The class started with the history of Sushi and how it all started.

How it transformed into the meal that we all enjoy and love.

Then some fun Sushi facts that most people don't know & you can drop into a conversation.


Next we started prepping the ingredients that goes inside the roll

California Roll ingredients:

  • Cucumber - Baton or Julienne

  • Avocado - Baton

  • Kani sticks (imitation crab meat)

  • Japanese Rice - important that this is Japanese or Sushi Rice.

  • Japanese Rice Vinegar


We made 2 kinds of rolls

Maki (means "to roll") Uramaki (means "inside out roll")


After showing the rolling technique

Everyone rolled with it...…..

(yes pun... yes not sorry)


After the class a lucky participant won a Sushi Kit Set

and the winner is




Next event will be on June 12 for Meal Plane: Latin Fiesta!

! Please RSVP the website for more information and items needed for the event

Hope to see you next meeting!

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