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Living La Vida Lumpia

Every time tell anyone I'm Filipino, I always get this reaction "OMG I LOVE LUMPIA"

For some reason Lumpia has captivated every Americans hearts.

I'm pretty sure why because its just plain awesome

Nah I think its the combination of Deep Frying and Meat (who doesn't love that!?)


We started with the history of Lumpia

Lumpia is a dish that was bestowed upon us from the Chinese Hokkien immigrants and traders from Fujian migration to the Philippines

(潤餅), lun (潤) means "wet/moist/soft", while pia (餅) means "cake/pastry", thus lun-pia means "soft cake".

Fun fact: Binondo Chinatown in Manila is the oldest Chinatown in the world


There are typically three kinds of Lumpia you can find in the Philippines

Lumpia Shanghai

Meat and Veggie Lumpia

Fresh Lumpia

Lumpia Sariwa


Sweet Jackfruit and Bannana Lumpia


This class was a highly requested by the Panhandle Cooking Club Community

I did 2 classes one was a private class for the Quick family and a typical group class

We started with prepping the meat filling by cutting the vegetables(typically carrots, onions and potatoes but you can add any vegetables you like) into Brunoise. Season it to taste with salt and pepper.

Set it aside and we made our lumpia wrappers from scratch using water and flour

Cooked it in low flame using a non-stick pan everyone was surprised how easy it was to make even the kids made it no problem.

After that we combined together all the prep ingredients into the signature Lumpia roll and fried it to perfection!

Guess how many lumpia's were left when it was all said and done? NONE!!! LUMPIA CHEERS!!!


Next Meal Plane Event will be

A Hawaiian Luau learning how to make SPAM Musubi and Hawaiian Poke Bowl with Moana!

October 23 10am - 12pm at Zen Zero HQ

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