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Latin Fiesta from Mexico to Honduras

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It was a perfectly cloudy day.

The night before had rain and made the cicadas quarantine themselves out of the wet weather.

Set-up was early because the cooking classes now starts at 10am.

Of course Hestia oversaw the whole operation and gave me the smile of approval

New to the club is a sign-in, sanitizing and refreshments station all donated by the

if you live in the areas where this group is located please do check it out!

Thank you so much to everyone's collective blessings that this table can be as efficient as it can be.

and of course Hestia wanted to check if the brownies was yummy enough for consumption but did not let her have a bite. She was sad afterwards.


The event started on time with the Rosales family. Special invite to join us from Frederick MD!

We started with introductions and then we boarded our plane to Mexico starting with the history/background of the flour and corn tortillas.

The reason how the proximity to the border change the landscape of how North Americans prefer their tacos made with flour.

With that being said, we started making fresh flour tortillas and let it set for the gluten to form.

Next stop was the corn tortillas.

We discussed about the old but amazing chemistry of Nixtamalization.

This process created the corn tortillas we all love without it we would not have the gluten free goodness of a Corn Tortilla.


When using a tortilla press, instead of using single use plastic wrapper for easy peeling of the tortilla use those silicon mats you use for cookies instead!

it works wonders!!

Everyone had different textures and consistency with their dough.

This is what I love about cooking the oddity of it even if we were using the same recipe.

It bring me wonders


Now we hopped on another plane to Honduras and used the flour tortillas to make their soul food called Baleadas. It was my boss friend Rebecca Rosales (my boss) who introduced me to this dish because of unforeseen circumstances but I think it was meant to be and now instead of just tacos, I can also do Baleadas with my tortillas at home!


Overall we had a splendid day of dough rolling and full stomachs.

Thank you again to the Rosales family for trekking to the mountains to get here and enjoyed the WV air with some tortilla to take home!


Our next events are:

One of Zen Zero's Value Pillars is promoting Zero Waste Kitchen Practices.

This event will be focused on Zero Waste Kitchen Principles to kick off Plastic Free July

If you are interested or curious what this is all about then come join us!

No ingredients or gear necessary

This event will be a Facebook live in the Zen Zero Cook FB page


July 10, Saturday 10am - 12pm

This event was the most requested event when I tell anyone about my ethnicity.

We will be learning how to make this

crowd favorite in every Filipino party dish from scratch.

All gear and ingredients will be available in the events page.

Would love to see you in the month of July!

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