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Still learning. Always failing. The story of the Dan Tat.

It started with a craving for Hong Kong Egg Tarts called Dan Tat 蛋撻

I cowered the internet for a beginner recipe for it. Yes I'm letting the world know that I am a baby baker.

I followed it step by step and was happy I got it to work. Looking pretty, I slid it in the hot oven just bubbling away before it goes into my hungry tummy...

For what its worth...

It didn't come out the way I wanted it to be.

It crumbled and fall and when I tasted it it was way overcooked and not as sweet as I wanted it to be(I actually changed the sugar content, now I'm regretting...)

It tasted eggy than custardy.

With a disappointed heart and hungry stomach, I munched on my failure while digesting the things that went wrong and saw it as a good learning experience.

This is why I love cooking because you can fail and eat your failure at the same time (^___^)

In a serious thought, I am still learning and I want learn alongside with a community who are as curious as me!

Next class on May 2nd would be all about Sushi

Learn how to roll with me and the PCC members!

Thank you for joining the club!

See you at the next class!


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