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Club & Event Rules

To ensure optimal community satisfaction, We have updated the PCC Club and Event Rules


Our Club Rules are:

Dont Yuck Anyone’s Yum


Safe Learning & Sharing Environment

Share everything, Learn everything

Always Practice S & S (Sanitary and Safety)

You heard me right. Being Safe and Sanitary is important to this club.


Our Event Rules


Bring Your Own Gear - Always check event information or email notification for every event you attend to ensure proper gear and Ingredients. PCC is not required to procure needed Gear and Ingredients to attendee.

Clean As You Go

Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or " everything in its place". Please be as sanitary as possible. This is a serious cooking club.

SAFETY first

Since we are dealing with sharp objects, fire and potential allergen please be mindful on handling gear and ingredients. Every event participants need to sign a accident waiver & release of liability form.

No RSVP No entry

we need to know how many people are coming to ensure adequate ingredients and space. PCC has the right to refuse entry if you did not RSVP

Strict No Late policy

The class will start on time. The instructor will not wait for anyone.

3 strikes you’re out

PCC has the right to give warnings to members who doesn't follow cleanliness and safety protocol such as not washing your hands, licking utensils, sneezing or coughing into ingredients, interacting with unsanitary elements.

Strict no feeding or touching the dogs while class is in session

there might be a chance that a dog will roam around the cooking area. Please do not feed her anything even if she pleads, begs or give you puppy face. You may pet her before you sanitize or after the cooking session.

Do not disrupt the flow of the class

Instructors needs your full attention. No touching of ingredients or yielding of knives when the instructor is talking. If you have questions please save it at the end.



Panhandle Cooking Club is not liable for any injury, sickness or accidents during events. Please be mindful This is a free community event with no insurance.

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