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Bon Voyage! - Maiden Voyage Success - All fingers intact!

They always say the first time is always the hardest. Yes it was hard but it also felt right. I was not nervous but I was also vulnerable. Being the instructor I did tell them that I am just a passionate home cook who took a knife skill class and learned from it a lot that I want to share what I learned to anyone who wants hear.

There were 5 people who came. Not bad for a first event. I was around friends new and old. Even if I am the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of this enterprise, friends and family helped me set-up physically and mentally. The weather cooperated too for a while.

It was quite chilly but at least it was not smoldering hot. Thank you for overcast skies and a shy sun. Best weather for a cup of vegetable soup that was planned to be cooked for this class.

We learned some knife skills - safety, anatomy and care.

Knives are a tool for good but its also a tool for harm thus, safety is important.

Everyone had different kinds of knives that day which is great to show the vast shapes and sizes everyone can try and get to understand. I even had my huge Chinese knife that was a show stopper for anyone who has not seen one. Yes in America it looks like a cleaver but in Asia people use it like a Western Chef's knife.

Every person has a preference. Every knife is different. There is no inferior or superior knives. Its a matter of preference (^___^)v

We had 3 staple produce that we practiced on:




We peeled and we sliced and we diced.

Practiced different sizes of cubes and sticks.

Strategically slicing for optimal stability.

Smiles were everywhere and fun was in the air.

At the end with everyone's love and effort, we cooked the diced vegetables into a soup that everyone shared. Minds and Bellies filled. That is the Panhandle Cooking Club way!

Next event will be on May 9 for Sushi at Home! Please RSVP on the Facebook event page or the website for more information and items needed for the event

Hope to see you next meeting!

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