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Beating Diabetes with flavor!

It was a simple affair.

Michelle and super energetic and cute baby Maia came.


Since we were doing a copy cat grains and green bowl,

we started with a discussion of the different Glycemic Index of different grains and wheat you can find in the market right now.

We zero-ed in on Barley as our main grain as it has the lowest GI.

If you have an instapot, you can cook Barley 1:2 barley to water ratio on high for 6-8min. for 2 cups of Barley.

This is my egg fried barley breakfast today using the leftover barleys it freezes great so you can make a big batch and freeze them

To find good quality but affordable barley don't be afraid of going to Asian/Indo-Pak/European Groceries as they carry this because it is a staple in other cultures and not a "health" food which jacks up the price sky high.

Amazon example is this: Uvelka Kasha Pearl Barley


We made homemade Hummus using canned chickpeas, tahini, citrus vinegar and Za'tar seasoning. (forgot to take pictures... woops).

We also made Raita (Cucumber and Yogurt sauce) which we added Cumin and salt to taste.

Combining everything together we got our own copycat CAVA-ish Green and Grain bowl!



Next event will be on June 12 - Saturday for Meal Plane: Latin Fiesta!

Please RSVP the website for more information and items needed for the event

Hope to see you next meeting!

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