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I'm Zenali Martin

I’m a self-taught cook with the passion for global cuisine and zero waste or low-impact cooking. I started my zero-waste lifestyle journey in 2018. In terms of cookery, I consider myself as a jack of all trades. The kitchen is my happy place and cooking new dishes is my favorite past-time. I am no culinary expert, limited culinary experience with no degrees to show so why should you join the club?

Here are my core vision for Zen Zero Cooking Studio:

Zen Zero Cook Started from a donation based meal train during the 2020 pandemic for anyone in need. To hone my kitchen skills, I volunteered my time to cook. With donated unwanted ingredients, I concocted hearty dishes to those who are sick, new moms or anyone who just needs a homemade meal to alleviate their everyday stress. Every meal created not only stopped food being wasted but also forced me to be creative and introduced unique gastronomical cuisine and experience.

Lifelong learning, zero-waste kitchen practices and food waste recovery is important to me. Being curious about cuisine all over the world, I try to re-create dishes I have tasted before from traveling and restaurants. Inspired by the flavors, I strive to use local ingredients and share it to anyone who is as inquisitive as me in the most environmental friendly way.

Panhandle Cooking Club is a safe shared studio space for food connoisseurs to meet and make delectable recipes with fun company and passion for food. With food centered classes, events, kitchen tool sharing and ingredient swapping there is a lot of things for everyone in this creative space.

Overall my goal is to share my deep passion for cooking, create a fun loving community, promote eco-friendly kitchen practices and support local farmers around the WV panhandle.

So if you are ready for a new gastronomic adventure, come with me and join the club!

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